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Art is too important not to share. It has the power to transform people in such positive ways. Artists need
to continue oiling their instrument and working on ideas, concepts, and stories in a space where they’re
encouraged to try new things, experiment, take risks, make mistakes, and share these experiences so
they can grow further as artists. They are the most fearless of mankind and this special quality needs to
be nurtured and valued.

In a warm, inclusive, relaxed environment Goodwood Theatre & Studios has created ‘SkillShare’, a
monthly workshop for emerging and established artists to share skills, play, and make valuable connections
with like-minded professionals. We want to encourage artistic creativity and provide a space where artists
can explore new concepts, and ideas and share and experiment with new techniques and methods.

Many artists have spoken with us about the need for more space and opportunity for them and others to
practice, strengthen and expand their skills. 

SkillShare is a platform for emerging and professional artists from varied art practices including theatre,
dance, comedy, cabaret, clowning, puppetry, visual arts, and music. All art forms are welcome. There are
no obligations for you to lead or facilitate your own workshop but also opportunities if you would like.

All income from the workshop goes directly to the artist facilitator to truly support their art practice. Past
artist facilitators have included movement with Jenn Havelberg, the art of listening with Sarah John and
clowning with Hew Parham.

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Writing & Dramaturgy with
James Watson
2pm - 4pm 17th December 

James is a graduate of both Flinders University and NIDA. He established Famous Last Words; writing and directing the company’s debut play, 'Home Thoughts' (Adelaide Fringe 2022). Through his role as creative director James will continue to present work with the company throughout the coming year with support from the Helpmann Academy's Creative Investment Fellowship and a Venue Residency with Goodwood Theatre & Studios.

Have you got a play that isn't quite finished? Perhaps you need a second pair of eyes or a chance to ask someone 'does any of this actually make sense??' This workshop is a chance to gain feedback on your work, ideas, and concepts as you refine in-progress work. Participants can ask about dialogue, character, structure, and more in this exclusive forum. Please submit your play, idea, or rough first scene on the back of a napkin two weeks in advance, along with any questions you may have. In the workshop we'll have a round table discussion followed by practical and applicable advice for your play. 

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