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What's On At Goodwood Theatre & Studios

19.4.24 - 20.4.24

The One Act Play Disaster
& There Is No Play

Actually Acting Youth Theatre presents "The One Act Play Disaster" and "There Is No Play" double bill.

The One-Act Play Disaster
Pulling off a heist is pretty tough. But that's nothing compared to pulling off an unauthorised adaptation of a popular heist movie onstage. Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!

There Is No Play
Eight drama students are rehearsing a play that speaks to the trauma they each face in their own lives—until their parents complain about its content and the administration bans the play.


Come and support young actors from across Adelaide perform these hilarious and challenging plays.



Adelaide Juggling Convention 2024

The Adelaide Juggling Convention Gala Show is the highlight of the juggling festival with the best Jugglers, Hula Hoopers, Clowns and Acrobats from across Australia and the world!


It's a 90 minute spectacular that is family friendly celebration of the best circus acts for one night in Adelaide!

Eli Green (MC/host) South Australia
Kouta Oohashi (Juggling) Japan
Naoya Aoki (Diabolo) Japan
Bavo Delbeke (Basket Ball spinning) Belgium
Steggo and Celine (Unicycle + pass juggling) Italy
Andreas Duque (Club juggler) Colombia
Claire Bindoff (Hula Hoops) Tasmania
Kali Kraken (Fire Spinning) South Australia
Ty Wallent (Diabolo) Northern Territory
The Gnomes (Pass Juggling) ACT
Cirkidz (Acrobatics) South Australia
South Coast Circus (Acrobatics) South Australia


13.6.24 - 15.6.24


Free Agents Youth Theatre presents the world premiere of LAMBS - a theatrical exploration of the experiences of underage boys who enlisted in WWI.


From 1914 to 1918, thousands of Australian boys lied about their ages, and went off to fight in a war on the other side of the world. They found they could die as well as any man, but they could never grow old. Like Peter Pan's lost boys, they have remained forever young. Over a hundred years later, they're all gone...but how do we remember them?


This profoundly moving work by Sean Riley features a cast of Adelaide's finest young actors and creatives.



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