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Venue Access


Goodwood Theatre & Studios is located on the busy and hip Goodwood Road, directly across from the Capri Cinema in the historic Goodwood Institute building on the corner of Goodwood Road and Victoria Street at 166 Goodwood Road, Goodwood


Creating an accessible and inclusive venue is of utmost importance to us. We want our audiences, artists and community to feel safe, comfortable and treated with equality and kindness.

People with wheelchair or mobility access needs can enter the venue through Victoria Lane on Victoria Street or alternatively use the wheelchair ramp on Victoria Street.


For wheelchair/mobility access enquiries please call Chris on 08 8276 3036 or email

Please indicate your mobility access requirements when making your booking.


Goodwood Theatre & Studios is easily accessible by Train, Tram and Bus to and from the venue. Bike racks are located on Victoria Street near the wheelchair ramp.


Off-street parking is available around the area, but we do suggest leaving yourself plenty of time to secure your parking space.

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