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Art is too important not to share. It has the power to transform people in such positive ways.

Artists need to continue oiling their instrument and working on ideas, concepts and stories in a space where they’re encouraged to try new things, experiment, take risks, make mistakes, and share these experiences so they can grow further as artists. They are the most fearless of mankind and this special quality needs tobe nurtured and valued.

Many artists have spoken with us about their desire for more space and opportunity for them and others to practice, strengthen and expand their skills. In 2022, Goodwood Theatre & Studios created SkillShare an opportunity for emerging and established artists to share skills, play, and make valuable connections with like-minded professionals.


SkillShare is a platform for emerging and professional artists from varied art practices including theatre, dance, comedy, cabaret, clowning, puppetry, visual arts, and music. All workshops are guided in a warm, relaxed and inclusive environment where all art forms are welcome. There are no obligations for artists to lead or facilitate their own workshop but also opportunities if artists would like.


“We want to encourage artistic creativity and provide a space where independent artists can explore new ideas, develop existing work and experiment with diverse techniques and approaches for developing and presenting new work.”

Simone Avramidis – Artistic Director Goodwood Theatre & Studios

Past SkillShare Workshops

WORKSHOP 1: Sarah John – Art Of Listening

Sarah John makes performances and installations. She is from Adelaide, but lives in

Denmark where she is the co-artistic director of Carte Blanche 2.0 (Art of Listening).

She studied acting at Adelaide College for the Arts and has worked as a performer,

director and designer for theatre companies in Australia and Europe, including: Belvoir,

Australian Broadcasting Commission, the indie company floogle, Teatro de los Sentidos, Wunderland and Carte Blanche.

Over the past 10-15 years, she has been working with the language of sensorial theatre

to create immersive/participatory/relational work. She enjoys working collaboratively,

across many forms, on projects that dive into big questions. She is particularly interested in invisible things and how to listen to what is hidden beneath, between and

within everyday reality.

WORKSHOP 2: Jenn Havelberg - Movement

Jenn Havelberg is a freelance independent artist specialising in movement, direction, design and acting. Jenn was movement teacher at ACArts for over 25 years. 

She has worked and performed in many parts of the world. Her movement practice includes Feldenkrais Movement for Actors, Brecht Theatre, Butoh, Kabuki, Meyerhold Biomechanics, Movement on Film, Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, Viewpoints, Yoga/Gaga

WORKSHOP 3: Hew Parham - Clowning

Hew is an Adelaide based actor, director, theatre-maker and clown. He’s created shows

that have performed in New York, Canada, Brisbane and The Adelaide Cabaret


In this workshop Hew helped participants get touch with their inner clown through finding your sense of play, connecting to the audience, to your intuition and your impulses.

WORKSHOP 4: Sarah John & Katrien Oosterlinck – Art of Listening

Over the past 10-15 years Sarah John, she has been working with the language of sensorial theatre to create immersive/participatory/relational work. She enjoys working collaboratively, across many forms, on projects that dive into big questions. She is particularly interested in how to listen to what is hidden beneath, between and within everyday reality. She is the co-artistic director of Art of Listening.


Katrien Oosterlinck designs instructions for games with a specific scenography for human encounters. They are performances on the cutting edge of dance, visual art and play. The zone is non-verbal, body language is central. As the participants search both for a place of their own and a shared place, Katrien sets out to inspire sensitivity and responsiveness to space.

Her practice is not only about social interaction, but also about creating images through that interaction. Katrien studied Dance Theatre in Tilburg and Open Atelier (Sint Lucas) in Antwerp.


WORKSHOP 5: Shannon Rush – Puppetry

Shannon Rush started working with puppets in 2006 at the Oval House Theatre in south London. She’s worked with companies such as Kinetika Bloco (UK), A Blanck Canvas (VIC) and Spare Parts Puppet Theatre (WA). She is currently the National Education & Puppet Programs Manager at Camp Quality and is a professionally trained actor (AC Arts, 2003) and theatre director (Flinders Drama Centre, 2016). 


WORKSHOP 6: Finegan Kruckemeyer - Writing

This workshop guided by Finegan Kruckemeyer saw participants writing as one, as some and as many, as we delight in the joy of fashioning landscapes and inventing populations. Working from the macro to the micro, participants imagined worlds that hold countries, and countries that hold counties, and counties that hold mountains, and mountains that hold cities, and cities that hold citizens. And from there they made the final authorial leap, entering into the mind and heart of a protagonist.

Finegan has had 101 commissioned plays performed on six continents and translated into eight languages. He has received 42 awards (at least one each year since 2002) including the for services to international theatre for young audiences, the 2015 David Williamson Award for Excellence in Australian Playwrighting, and an inaugural Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship.

WORKSHOP 7: Chris Drummond - Directing

Chris became Artistic Director of Brink Productions in 2005. His productions have been presented by most major theatre companies in Australia.


Directing theatre can be a mysterious business. This open forum workshop with Brink’s Chris Drummond is a chance to explore your specific questions about the art of theatre direction. Participants were invited to submit up to three questions a few weeks prior to the workshop, which Chris used to tailor a practical masterclass, exploring issues such as the development of a directorial concepts, working with a creative team, directing actors, the art of collaboration and making new work.


Getting Involved

Whilst SkillShare is having a little hiatus, we are still open to creating more workshops.

If you have an idea for a future workshop, would like to get involved with SkillShare workshops or learn more about our program, please contact


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